Alpaca Wedding Package


Congratulations you are getting married! You have found your way here because you want something unique and personal for your big day.

What is included in the standard package-

2 Alpacas for 1.5 hours
1 handler

The two alpacas will come with their own penning and amaze your guests with their beautiful inquisitive nature. A trained and experienced handler will spend 30 minutes walking the two alpacas between your guests who will have the opportunity to ask questions and take photos with them.

There are many extras that we can add onto this package, if you can not see something you want on your special day please send us an email. No request is too “out there”!


Ring bearer- Allow one of your bridesmaids, groomsmen or our own handler to walk with one of our alpacas wearing your rings down the aisle. This is a unique experience guaranteed to make the moment even more special.

Alpaca Feed Favours- 50 individual hessian bags of feed for your guests to use to feed the alpacas.

Extra Alpacas- Have the option for an extra handler to come with 2 more alpacas to ensure more of your guests get to meet these gentle animals.

Bride & Groom Photoshoot- Fancy a bit of alone time with the alpacas, why not experience their charm with a 45 minute photoshoot. Your photographer will be able to take you and the alpacas to different locations around your venue to capture that perfect shot.

Personalised Halters- Do you have a colour scheme for your wedding? We can help you carry that over with the alpacas halters. Let us know and we can arrange to have them dressed in your colours.

Extra Hour- Want more time with the alpacas? We can stay for an extra hour to ensure guests get plenty of time to enjoy their company.

Floral garlands- We can arrange with your florist to create floral garlands for the alpacas.

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