British Knitted Alpaca

All of our products are made from 100% alpaca fibre. We mix our yarns (20% suri and 80% huacaya alpaca) ensuring our knitwear is both lustrous and soft while still being light, fluffy and durable. All processes support British manufacturing, from the fibre spun in Cornwall to the products knitted in Nottingham.

These are the most amazing hats and scarves I have ever seen. Not only are they all beautifully made knowing where the wool has been sourced from and the wonderful adventures their alpacas have make Ted and Bessie’s products even better. I couldn’t recommend the lovely hat and scarf sets more if you are looking for warm, cosy accessories that will last you years. I am already so excited for the new range and colours!


The hat I got from Ted & Bessie is such high quality. I live in a place where it can get down to -40 plus wind chill and the hat kept my head and ears warm. I want to get a scarf now and am looking forward to the new products that will be coming out this year. In addition, she is quick to reply with any question or comment you have! You can tell the alpacas are under good hands and supervision. I was first hooked by the cute photos of the alpacas on both here and instagram…especially of Earl but once I bought and tried the hat I was definitely hooked! The hat will last a lifetime it is so well made and it is nice to see where it comes from, which I’m stand completely behind. 100% worth it!


I was lucky enough to receive a Ted & Bessie hat as a birthday gift and I absolutely love it. It’s just as beautiful as the pictures I’d seen online but also ridiculously soft and incredibly well made – I’m so impressed with the quality. I can’t wait for the new collection!


I had a lovely day visiting the alpacas on the farm for sheering day, learning all about how Catherine looks after them and seeing the fleeces be prepared. Ted & Bessie is a brilliant brand, they really care for their animals and always put them first. They also produce high quality, beautiful products and it’s amazing to see the production process from start to finish. Would highly recommend!


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There are many benefits to choosing alpaca fibre for your knitwear; it’s perfect for even the most sensitive skin, will last a lifetime and feels as soft as cashmere while being as durable as wool.

Why Alpaca?