It’s here! Our new 100% Alpaca Outdoor Collection is keeping our heads, shoulders and ears (we haven’t quite got around to making socks quite yet) warm as we speak – and it’s now available online for you to purchase too.

Now, of course, all of our products can be worn outside – we’ve seen our customers take them everywhere from the French Alps to Antarctica – and we’ve developed this range specifically with all-weather outdoor wear in mind. For a start, the whole clothing range is super lightweight, which makes them easy to pack if you’re camping, or pocket-able if you’re heading out on a long dog walk; you never quite know when the weather might turn!

Despite the light weight, the hats, scarf and headbands have all been designed to keep you feeling lovely and warm while you’re outdoors. The waffle knit in particular, featured on the new Waffle Knit Hat and Waffle Knit Neck Tube, creates a natural air pocket, which traps heat while still allowing moisture to escape. One of the biggest plus points of using 100% alpaca fibre is its natural ability to wick away smells and dirt, so it’s ideal for wearing out and about in the countryside. This is also the softest range we’ve ever produced, so it’s beautifully comfortable, as well as practical. Win-win!

More than anything, this collection was developed as a celebration of the great outdoors. It’s not about hiking up the biggest mountain, or running the longest trail; it’s about wrapping yourself up on a Sunday and walking across the fields to a country pub. It’s about breathing in the crisp air as you head out every morning. It’s about the changes in the seasons and simple, daily enjoyment of what’s around us all the time – and we’re so excited to share that with you. However, if you do fancy a sail around Antarctica in it, don’t let us stop you!


All of our Ted & Bessie clothing is sustainable, ethical, and crafted from 100% alpaca fibre – you won’t find any blends or mixes here! The outdoor collection is available online now, and we’ve linked them all below so you can have a browse. Inside tip: our favourite piece is the Neck Tube; it goes with absolutely everything and is so soft and easy to wear.


100% Alpaca Headband
100% Alpaca Lightweight Tassel Scarf
100% Alpaca Small Beanie Hat
100% Alpaca Waffle Knit Hat
100% Alpaca Waffle Knit Neck Tube


We’d love to see our new outdoor collection in the big wide world, so tag us (@tedandbessiealpaca) on Instagram, or contact us, and let us know where you’re wearing it!

Middle right image kindly taken from @Jennyjonessnow on Instagram – check her out!