Every now and then you come across a product that makes you feel fantastic about buying it.
Not only does it look amazing and fulfill a hole in your life, but you feel a certain smugness
about where you purchased it from too; you know that your money is going somewhere
worthwhile. This 100% alpaca fibre throw from Ted and Bessie is like that with bells on.

Ted and Bessie is a British business to be proud of. In 2014 Catherine Price used the
inheritance from her grandparents to buy four cuddly alpacas, with the intention of starting her
own ethical knitwear line. Four years later, the alpaca herd has grown to 16, and her own
product range has grown to include a collection of stunning woven throws and blankets, which I
was kindly lent to review.

First, I just have to talk the size. We’ve all felt the disappointment of unwrapping a new blanket,
only to find it barely covers a chair, so I’m a stickler for size when we’re talking about bed throws
– and there was no such disappointment here. The largest size draped over my king size
beautifully – with enough material to fall down each side, and it’s also perfect as an extra large
sofa throw. The natural fibre keeps it light, yet super warm, so it’s officially afternoon nap

Next up: the design. If you can believe it, Ted & Bessie don’t use dyes – the black to cream
ombre colour way is achieved simply by weaving different ratios of dark and light yarn together
to form grey. It’s reminiscent of the classic checked blanket, but with a little more elegance to it.
Now, alpaca fibre is a natural product, so it’s not teddy bear-soft like a 100% polyester
blanket, but it feels incredibly luxurious, and great against your skin.

The throw arrived beautifully packaged, with a note stating that all purchases come with a
complimentary visit to meet the alpacas. Raised on a farm just outside of Milton Keynes,
Buckinghamshire, you get the impression that it’s these happy, healthy animals that are the
cornerstone of Catherine’s business – not just the fibre they produce. The website gives you an
insight into the personality of each one, so you can start understanding just how unique they are
– and going to see them only serves to exemplify that fact.

With prices from £155 for a scarf, to £495 for the extra large throw, the woven collection is made
up of indulgent pieces that will last a lifetime. The colour palette is easy on the eye and easy to
fit in with any room scheme as your tastes change over the years, so there are no worries about
what it’ll go with. The alpacas are also born and bred in the UK, and the whole manufacturing
process is carried out here – so every purchase helps to support both ethical British farming and
sustainable British craftsmanship.

Now, what did I say about feeling fantastic about a product?