There are a myriad of choices that go into creating a new collection, and it can be all to easy to either get stuck on a detail that doesn’t really matter, or overlook something altogether! On day 4 of the #MeetTheMakerWeek series, we’re honing in on a few of the important details that helped make the Outdoor Collection one of our best yet.

The Fibre

Yes – we hear you: alpaca fibre isn’t so much a detail, it’s more the backbone of our entire company – but it’s incredibly important when it comes to outdoor wear. Merino sheep’s wool tends to be the go-to when it comes to keeping warm but – aside from the ethical considerations – alpaca fibres are completely hollow throughout, which means they are much more effective at keeping you warm without drowning you in sweat. And on that note; alpaca fibre also has superior moisture wicking qualities. If it rains, your hat will get wet (we’re not magicians, unfortunately!), but the hollow structure of the fibre will prevent most of the water from seeping in and soaking both you and your hat.

The Colour

The more observant among you will have noticed yesterday that we don’t use dyes in any of our products. And yet, if you’ve had a browse through the outdoor collection, you’ll also see that it’s all grey! No, we haven’t acquired any grey alpacas just yet, but we do have the perfect mix of 6 black and 10 white alpacas in our herd. Our spinners do an incredible job of creating a beautifully even combination of their fibre, so it looks grey in the finished product.

The Knit

We’ve used three different knit styles in this collection, but the waffle knit is (secretly) our favourite. Although the whole collection is designed to be lightweight; the waffle knit really helps to keep the structure of the product light, easy to wear and easily packable. It’s made up of a grid pattern, which enhances the natural ability of alpaca fibre to trap heat, yet remain breathable. Plus, it looks really good! You can see it in action on the Waffle Knit Neck Tube and the Waffle Knit hat.

Our outdoor collection is ready to purchase right now; you’ll find it in our New In section of the shop.

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