Product shoot day! Sunday morning arose crisp and clear, and having been so excited about our 2017 range (and finally having the samples in our grasp) we arranged for our models Will and Hayley to meet us, enthusiasm brimming, at the farm with their labrador pup Indie. Neither had ever met an alpaca before so they were curious about the animals’ temperaments, delighted both at how friendly they were, and that the boys actually quite enjoyed being stroked.

We selected Luke as our white alpaca model, and Koto as our black. While there were many choices within the whites (all of whom are a year or two older), most of the black boys are still skittish on the lead by comparison, so picking the most fearless boy for photographing was easy. Each of the alpaca pair had a special hand made halter, created by our shearer Lara, so the boys were looking particularly handsome for Will and Hayley, and they had a great time making friends with each other; Will in particular had Koto bounding around like a madman! This gave our photographer Beth plenty of opportunities to capture some particularly entertaining and charismatic shots throughout the morning.

Luckily the weather stayed crisp and dry for our afternoon wanderings in Olney too, with the sun even peeking its head out as time drew on. We were joined in Olney by our third model Jade alongside her stunning Springer Spaniel Dougal, and our second photographer, Pip. Olney is a gorgeous old town which gave us plenty of opportunities to show off how good our hats and scarves look in public, and we certainly did get a few admiring looks along the way.

Happy with our progress we had just enough time for a congratulatory round of tea and cake while the tired hounds slept, before all parting ways. It was a thoroughly productive day, providing us with an excellent opportunity to receive some feedback on our new line (all positive, in case you’re wondering!). In the upcoming weeks we’ll also be shooting for our brand new range of jumpers (we’re so excited!), so watch this space…